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In the Construction Industry constant transport of material, tools and machines subject truck beds to extreme stress and makes them vulnerable to dirt and corrosion . Rhino Linings eliminate these problems. Further advantages are easy cleaning and non-slip loading.  

Food transportation makes great demands on a vehicle. The required sanitation makes frequent cleaning of the loading space necessary. Surfaces coated using Rhino Linings' special spray process seamlessly cover the base surface underneath, so that the work area is waterproof and resistant to chemicals .

Livestock being transported need stable flooring and full protection from environmental stress. Rhino Linings minimize noise and damp vibration.  

     Non-slip surfaces and protection against water and dirt - these are the demands that all nurseries place on their transport vehicles. Easy-to-clean Rhino Linings fulfill these criteria to the utmost. In addition, plants are protected from harmful gases - even at high temperatures - as the polyurethane contains no solvents.  

Pantech and Flatbed Trucks are easily lined, as are Tail-lift gates . Rhino Linings offer good floor protection in roll container installations. In addition to providing excellent slip resistance and noise damping, Rhino Linings look great all the time. At the same time, the fatigue experienced by coated materials is significantly reduced. For trucks in particular, Rhino Linings are considerably less expensive than aluminum sheeting and flooring .