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Rhino Linings vs. Drop In Liners

Plastic drop-in liners are typically slippery and don't hold cargo in place. They can shift in the bed, scratching the surface underneath. They can also crack, warp and trap water. Rhino Linings' impenetrable and permanent sprayed-on bond leaves no room for air or water, which means no rust. Rhino Linings' durable, non-slip surface keeps your cargo in place and the linings won't crack, warp or peel. You can trust Rhino's strong and lasting protection - rain or shine - to keep your ute bed in great shape.

It's no secret. If air and water can reach a surface, rust and corrosion can as well. That's the thinking behind - and beneath - Rhino Linings.

Our TUFF STUFF® spray-on polyurethane provides the best protection for ute beds and countless other surfaces from abrasion, impact, chemicals and corrosion. Tuff Stuff is sprayed up to 6mm thick, and permanently bonds to surfaces to form a watertight and airtight shield. This unique, non-skid, non-porous surface won't crack warp, or peel - even under the harshest conditions - so your ute is protected for life.

UTES Protect your investment 
Increase resale value 
Use your vehicle without worry in all weather conditions